Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The story, Benito and The Redwood Trees, by Tamara Cufrin, begins on the basketball court during summer vacation. It is about a boy who learns to not be a show off while working with his uncle in the Redwood Forest. In the beginning, Benito is playing basketball, but his friends are angry with him because he is showing off. In the middle, he goes to work with his uncle in the Redwood Forest. We can't tell you how it ends, though, because it will give the story away.

We would recommend reading this book for several reasons. First of all, we think that most people will enjoy reading a story that takes place in the forest. People like reading about adventures that take place in the forest. In addition, we recommend this story because the author includes good details. Good details make stories interesting to read. Finally, people will enjoy this book because they can probably relate to the conflict of the story. For instance, most people either know show-offs, or are show-offs themselves. All in all, we recommend that you read the story, Benito and the Redwood Trees.
By Jovany, David, Leonel, and Basilio

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